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Lake Rules & Regulations

City Hall:  660-699-3310 or 2270

M-F  8am-4:30pm

After Hours: 660-415-7330


660-346-9914 Or 7384

1) All City of Clarence Ordinances apply at the Clarence Lake.

2) Permits for use of the Clarence Lake are required. Permits are available at City Hall M-F 8am-4:30pm.

3) No person shall allow their animal to run at large. All animals must be kept on a leash.

4) Dispose of all litter properly.

5) No person shall operate or park any vehicle except on the roadways and parking areas provided and/or designated for this purpose, nor shall any vehicle be parked in a manner as to impede or obstruct the normal safe flow of traffic.

6) no person shall make a fire other than in grills, fire pits, or other areas designated and approved by the City of Clarence. All fires shall be closely monitored & completely extinguished before leaving.

7) playgrounds are designed and constructed for children only. Parents shall always supervise children to ensure proper use of equipment and are responsible for their children. Do not leave children unsupervised.

8) No person shall damage, deface, destroy, remove, injure or improperly use the Lake and Recreational Facilities, property, equipment and/or natural environment.

9) Swimming in designated area only.

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